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In this article we will show you how to enable Wireless Mesh or Wireless Uplink as it is also known as. In order to enable Wireless mesh you must first configure your access points using a wired uplink which programs the devices. You must also setup your baseline wireless settings before attempting to enable Wireless Mesh. Instructional videos are below and must be followed in order for a successful implementation. 

Pre Configuration Steps (IMPORTANT)

There are 2 previous videos you must follow to baseline your Peplink mobile router and access points before you move on to thinking about Wireless Mesh. We have put together step by step articles along with videos to help you on your journey. Note that depending on your mobile router model, step 2 will vary. If you have a Max BR series modem included in our Essentials and Full-Timer Bundle select Step 2A below. If you have a Transit series modem uncluded in our Speed Demon and Road Warrior/Ultimate Road Warrior bundle select 2b. 

Once you have followed the video above in its entirety you can look at enabling Wireless Mesh/Upload which will allow your secondary access points to function without an ethernet cable back to your primary Pepwave mobile router. The technology is referred to as Wireless Mesh or Wireless Uplink. In order to configure this feature follow the instructional video shown below. 

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