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  • Basecamp Router Enclosure for Winegard 360+ 

Basecamp Router Enclosure for Winegard 360+ – 


In this article you'll find the wiring diagrams for our Basecamp Router Enclosure. They are broken into two categories based on the type of Wingard antenna you have. 

FYI: Older RV’s have a similar antenna, also called The Air 360+, but it has no cellular antennas (meaning that Basecamp won't work with them). Be sure to verify which Winegard antenna you have before ordering. 

Wiring Options:

Option 1: Most RVs

Note: This option will ONLY work if you have 2 antenna mode enabled on 4x4 routers.

Option 2: High End/ Single Modem

Higher end RVs will have the Wingard Air 360 5G Antenna (note how they look different in the diagrams).

Option 3: High end/ Dual modem 4G

This option is for higher end RVs with dual 4G modem routers (like the Max Transit Duo), which can be wired up to the Winegard 5G as well.

Option 4: Max Transit Duo attached to the 360+ V2.S antenna.


This is the install type shown in the installation video. This is the most complicated Basecamp setup because you have a dual modem router with 4 antenna ports but only 2 cellular antennas on the roof.

Basecamp Installation Video:

Detailed Installation Instructions

For more detailed installation instructions follow this link: Basecamp 2.0 Router Enclosure Installation Instructions

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