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  • Basecamp 2.0 Peplink mobile router roof-mounted enclosure


The following KB outlines the basic installation procedures for the Basecamp 2.0 roof-mounted router housing available at

DISCLAIMER: The following product requires the end user to make minor modifications to their RV including drilling screws into the interior ceiling. While unlikely, inproper installation could result in equipment falling from the ceiling if not properly mounted or mounted to a surface that has water damage or is otherwise structurally compromised. Install at your OWN RISK and when in doubt always contact a professional to assist in installation. 

Tools Needed

The following tools are recommended before you get started 

  • Wire crimpers/cutters (available at any hardware store
  • #2 phillips screwdriver (a power screwdriver may make life easier when mounting the screws to the ceiling but is not required in most cases)

Pre Installation Requirements

Thank you for purchasing the Basecamp 2.0 router enclosure designed to attach Peplink mobile routers to Winegard 360+ V2.S & 5G roof antennas pre-installed on many RVs. Before you get started verify you have a Winegard 360+ antenna that has cellular antennas. Below are photographs of what you should see on your roof. 

NOTE: Just because you have a similar looking antenna on the roof does not mean you are pre-wired for cellular. Follow on to the next step to verify. 

Next, verify you have a roof antenna pre-wired for a gateway such as a Peplink. To verify enter the cabin of the RV and look at the ceiling directly below the area of your TV antenna. If properly equipped you will see a cap on your ceiling with a WIFI logo. See the image below for an example of what you're looking for. 

Exposing 12v power and  Antenna Wires

Once you verify you have the correct antenna, remove the protective cap to expose the wires. You should find 3 antenna wires with small connectors and a 12v power cable with a connector. We've unfortunately found a lot of RV manufacturers do not provide the correct power plug and rather just wire 12v non-terminated bare wire to the location but don't worry we've included the wire in your kit and butt connectors to terminate the bare wire if this is the case. An example of what you might find with some manufacturers is below. Remove the cap and ziptie if applicable and expose all the wires. If the power cable appears to be a loop gently pull on each end until you find the end which will be tucked up in the roof. 

Determining 12v+ and 12v- Power

The power wire will be the only cable that has two cables attached in a pair. There is a 12v positive and 12v negative. You must identify which wire is which to power your Pepwave mobile router. Unfortunately, different manufacturers use different color wires to designate positive vs. negative. Most often the white wire is 12v positive but you must use a multi-meter or test light if unsure to determine which wire is positive. below is a tutorial on using a multimeter to determine polarity. Multi-meters are common tools every RV'er should carry. You can purchase one from here:

RV manufacturers often leave the wire up in the ceiling active or "hot" meaning it is energized. 12v power will not shock you however it can cause a spark and WILL BLOW THE FUSE if you touch the positive and negative wires together. When terminating the wire we recommend you pull the fuse but if you choose to terminate with the wire hot you must not cut the wires together or otherwise let them touch or you WILL BLOW THE FUSE. 12v fuses can be purchased at any autoparts store or Walmart if you blow the fuse. 

Terminating Power

Once you have identified the 12v+ and 12v- wires terminate the wires using the supplied butt connectors and Molex whip. When complete your power wire should come out of the celing and look similar to this:

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