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Pepwave Max Transit Pro E modems support Power over Ethernet or PoE on a single LAN port which can allow customers to power an external access point or supported PoE device. This requires 56v power input to function. This article provides a sample diagram of the wiring configuration for this type of setup. Note this diagram is provided as an example/sample. 

Note: Inputting voltage in excess of what is recommended will damage your Pepwave device. 56V input is ONLY supported on the Transit Pro E and other devices specifically designed for PoE support. Voltage input maximums are typically stamped on the power input of the device. 56v can also produce an electric shock similar to household electric if handled improperly. Always turn off the power and consult an electrician for proper wiring. Proceed at your own risk. 

Pepwave Transit Pro-E Standard 12v Wiring

Enabling PoE is not required for normal function and is typically only necessary if you are adding a secondary access point or device you wish to power with PoE. If you do not require these functions then you can follow our standard 12v wiring instructions located below. 

Pepwave Transit Pro E POE DC Direct Wiring Diagram Example

PDF Download

You may also download a PDF version of this diagram. The PDF version is attached to this article. 

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