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  • MobileMustHave Wireless Data Plans
    • B800 300GB Data Plan (AT&T Network)
    • B500 500GB Data Plan (AT&T Network)
    • P800 800GB Data Plan (TMobile Network)
    • R300 300GB Data Plan (Verizon Network)
    • R1000 1000GB Data Plan (Verizon Network)


Welcome to your new MobileMustHave cellular data plan. This article will walk you through the activation process and help you get started with your new data plan and also answer common questions about the plan including setting up your modem, how to set up payments, suspending or canceling service, and more. Let's get started. 

Activation Process

By now you should have received an email regarding activation. For customers with pre-activated data plans your plan is already activated and you may proceed to the next section to set up your device titled "Setup Your Pepwave and Install Antennas." DO NOT SKIP THESE STEPS TO AVOID ISSUES WITH YOUR PLAN.  Activation instructions are sent to the email address used at checkout. Instructions are sent on the day your sim card was shipped. Search for emails from and make sure to check your spam filter as well if you can't find the activation email.  

Most activation delays are caused because customers do not read the email or reply to the activation email. Some plans are shipped pre-activated and others allow you to request an activation date so it is important to follow the instructions emailed to you. 

If you cannot find the email you can manually open the activation ticket on our customer service portal. Visit and log in using the email address you used at checkout. Make sure to use the same email address. If you do not have your password, click the reset password button and a password reset link will be emailed to you. 


Once logged in click the ticket section and open your activation ticket. Follow the instructions within the ticket to accept any terms and request activation. See screenshots below. 

Wait Until Activation is Confirmed

Your activation will process within 24-48 hours once we receive confirmation from you that you are ready to activate by following the steps above.  You can check the status of your activation at any time in the same ticket shown above using 

Set up Your Pepwave & Install Antennas

Once your activation is confirmed it is time to set up your Pepwave. Install all of the antennas on the device. Note the center pin is reversed on certain antennas depending on if they are for WIFI or Cellular so take your time. They are the correct antennas so if it doesn't fit, it's likely your using the wrong antenna for that port. 

We recommend testing data plans with the black short antennas that came with the router for initial troubleshooting. Once things are working you can switch to a roof antenna. This will make things easier to troubleshoot as there are fewer variables with the stock black antennas. A complete guide to setup your Pepwave is available here: Pepwave Setup Guide

Installing your SIM Card (After Activation is Confirmed) 

Only install your SIM card AFTER has confirmed it has been activated. If you purchased a pre-activated plan you may proceed without confirmation.  If you insert the card before, it may register on the wrong network and this will require you to purchase a new sim causing further delay. If you see a message asking you to activate service from the carrier STOP, your sim is not activated.  Make sure to install the correct size sim card. If you are not sure what size sim your router takes, always try the largest size first. Pepwave's take either full size or nano sim cards and you cannot extract a smaller sim if accidentally installed without returning the device for a repair fee. 

Make sure to install the correct size sim. Always assume the largest size to avoid loosing sim in the device! Check your device specifications for sim size. 

 Follow the video instructions below on installing SIM cards. 

Setting the APN

MobileMustHave data plans MAY require a CUSTOM APN. Follow the instructions below based on your plan. 


B Series Plans (AT&T Network)

  • B500 Wireless Plans - Custom APN settings are generally not required. APN will auto-set to "broadband" by default. If you have connection problems you may set the APN to broadband by following these instructions
  • B800 Wireless Plans - Custom APN settings are generally not required. APN will auto-set to "broadband" by default. If you have connection problems you may set the APN to broadband by following these instructions.

P Series Plans (T-Mobile)

R Series Plans (Verizon Network)

  • R300 Wireless Plans - The VZWINTERNET APN should auto-populate, but some of our customers have experienced issues with the data plan auto-connecting.  If your data plan does not automatically work, please follow the detailed APN instructions to get the Verizon settings into your Pepwave.
  • R1000 Wireless Plans - R1000 plans require custom settings to function properly in Peplink devices. Follow the TTL and APN instructions below. FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS WILL RESULT IN LINE ISSUES. 

Troubleshooting Connectivity

If you are having issues connecting, common issues are listed below. 

Stuck on Obtaining IP

After confirmation of activation, and updating the APN, if the device does not connect, and you see Obtaining IP for more than 5 mins please respond to the activation email or ticket in the portal and let us know that you are not able to connect.   In rare cases, your new line may not get the APN provisioned correctly by the cellular carrier.  We can refresh this to resolve the issue. 

To resolve stuck on obtaining IP please do the following: 

  • Reboot the router by removing the power for 15 seconds, reconnecting, and waiting 5 minutes. If you see a SOLID green cellular light, the modem has connected, reboot computers if the internet is not working. 
  • If you do not see a SOLID green cellular light, proceeded to the next step.
  • Ensure you have read the APN instructions below and set the custom APN if applicable. 
  • Verify your antennas are installed properly and secure. If you have installed a roof antenna, remove it and install the small black antennas included with the modem temporarily for testing. 
  • Try moving 5 miles to a new location, and avoid delays by ensuring it is not simply a location issue where cellular coverage is not adequate. 
  • Reply to the activation email that you can not connect to the custom APN. We will contact you to help you troubleshoot. 

Setting up Recurring Payments

At the time of activation, the card used to purchase the plan will be placed on auto-pay. You may update your payment information at any time by clicking the "My Account" tab at  If you would like to update your payment information in the future, it can be done here as well. 

Suspended accounts can at times require a new SIM for activation if your sim has been suspended for more than a few days.  If this happens a new SIM card will be required before your line can be re-enabled. You will need to re-purchase the plan and be shipped a new sim card so take care to avoid suspensions for non-payment. Activation fees will apply for lines that are suspended due to non payment. 

Data Usage Monitoring on a Pepwave

Since this plan does have a data cap, you can use your Pepwave to manage your data usage and alert you before you run out of data.   Use the links below to be taken to articles explaining this process step by step.  

Monitoring Data Usage & Setting Bandwidth Allowance on Pepwave

Monitoring Bandwidth Usage and Setting Individual Device Limits

Enabling Email Notifications on Pepwave Devices

Requesting Cancellation 

If you wish to terminate or suspend service for the plan you may do so at any time. Canceled plans do not receive a prorated refund however your service will continue to function until the end of your 30-day billing cycle. Please remember to notify us if you wish to suspect service to avoid being sent payment reminders and suspension notices. 

Requesting Re-activation 

To reactivate service simply purchase your plan again at We will send you a new sim card and restart the activation process from the beginning. 

Avoid Getting Suspended

Avoid getting suspended by making sure to follow our Terms of Service. Here are some additional steps to follow to avoid issues with your data line. 

Pepwave Devices Only From Only devices purchased from us are eligible for use on our data plans. If you are found using another device your line will be suspended and cannot be re-activated. 

Track Your Usage:  Use a device such as a Pepwave that has detailed usage and tracking dashboards to help you monitor your usage.

Use One Email Address: Most of us have more than one email address but we recommend using the same email address to order service and when signing up for your monthly payments. Your email addresses to cross-reference billing information and customers who use multiple email addresses for purchases can experience issues if the email addresses do not match the original purchase address. It isn't common but we recommend to customers to stick to one email address to simplify the support experience for everyone. 

Pay Your Bill: I know it sounds obvious. By far the most common reason customers are suspended is due to issues with their payment source. Avoid using a debit card that might get declined inadvertently (and debit cards are inherently more risky than credit cards since they have fewer cardholder protections) and always check to ensure your account has been debited each month. 

Requesting Assistance

If you feel you are not getting anywhere or there is another issue you can always reach out to our team directly by initiating a ticket here on the support portal or by emailing

Thank you for being the best part of!