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  • Ultimate Road Warrior +
  • Transit DUO or other Dual Modem Router paired with Parsec Husky 7-in-1 Antenna


Parsec's Husky 7-in-1 antenna has exceptional performance. To maximize the omnidirectional performance of the antenna on both Modem 1 and Modem 2 it is recommended you hook up the antenna leads in the configuration outlined in this article. 

Update March 2022: Parsec has revised thier previous recommendations on which antenna wires to connect to the following information outlined below. Please update your wiring to match below for optimal performance.

Note this article covers the Transit DUO dual modem router. If you have a single modem version such as the Transit CAT 18 or Transit 5G, BR1 Pro series the connections are very similar but may have slighty different labels on the device. 

Dual Modem (Transit DUO and similar) Parsec Husky 7-in-1 Antenna Wiring Diagram

In order to maximize the performance of your antenna hook up the antenna wires coming down from the Husky in the following configuration. 

PDF Download

You may also download a PDF version of this diagram. The PDF version is attached to this article. 

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