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Products Covered

  • Pepwave Max Series Devices. Other devices such as Balance series will be similar but screenshots may vary slightly. 


This article summarizes how to look up your IMEI number on Peplink devices. 

Finding your IMEI Number on the box

Your Pepwave device IMEI is printed on the white label of the box that the unit shipped in. You can locate the IMEI number on the white sticker. See screenshot below and note that dual modem devices or quad modem devices will have 1-4 IMEI numbers, one for each modem in the unit. 

Accessing IMEI from the Administration Console

If you no longer have the box you can access your IMEI number from the admin console. To do so, make sure you are connected to your Peplink via WiFi or via an ethernet cable. Once connected to the Pepwave open the admin console by opening a web browser and visiting The default login credentials are username: admin password: admin. The password will be changed upon your first login so use the password you set if admin does not work. If your purchased device pre-configuration the password will be what you requested we set the password as during your setup. If you need to reset your password you can follow the steps outlined in this article: Hard and Soft Password Reset Options.

Once you have access, navigate to the Dashboard page and select the "Details" button next to the cellular module you wish to gain access to the IMEI for. Note that if you have a dual modem device the IMEI will be listed for each cellular modem modular under each respective details tab. If you have a single modem device there will only be one cellular module displayed. Click the "Details" button for the module you wish to find the IMEI for. See screenshot below. 

This will bring up the cellular details tab. The IMEI is listed on this page. See screenshot below. 

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