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Products Covered

  • All Peplink Devices with an active Primecare warranty or InControl subscription.

Article Summary

In this article, we will cover the basics of InControl2 Peplink’s cloud-based device management, monitoring, and reporting platform.


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What is InControl2? 

InControl is Peplink’s cloud-based device management, monitoring, and reporting platform.

The application gives complete control of your Peplink routers, switches, and access points from any web browser.

InControl can be accessed from any web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.) at 

Peplink routers, access points, and switches that are to be managed from InControl need to be within an active PrimeCare warranty or InControl Subscription.

The device’s warranty status and InControl subscription status will still be shown on the dashboard, even if the device’s warranty and/or subscription has expired.

If a device is no longer subscribed to any service, it will no longer be able to be accessed from InControl. (The device will appear offline) However, all records from the device’s time under subscription will be retained and will remain accessible on InControl.

If the device re-enters warranty or InControl subscription, it will once again become visible and manageable on InControl. InControl subscriptions are non-transferable, each subscription is specific to the device that it is assigned to.

When expired, InControl subscriptions and extended warranties for all the different Peplink models can be purchased on our website here: Warranty & Licenses – 

Getting Started

Now that we have the education section behind us let's begin with how to set up your Peplink ID for the first time.  

If you skipped the information above, we highly recommend you go back and read it to save yourself time and to prevent future questions not  covered by complimentary support.

Open the Incontrol2 website on your browser:

Click New to InControl? Sign up to begin the sign-up process. 

Complete the required fields to create your Peplink ID/user account and click Create.

You’ll be sent a verification e-mail that you have successfully created an InControl Account.

Click the Activation link to verify the email and activate the account.

Return to the InControl webpage to log in with your account.

The first time you log in using your InControl account you’ll be prompted to create your first Organization.

Enter an organization name of choice, country, address information, and speed unit.

Allow for 2-factor authentication.

Click Submit to create your organization.

Next, you’ll need to create at least one group.

On the Create Group page, displayed after clicking the submit button, enter a group name of choice.

Click Create Group to finish.

On the next page Add Devices into Groups, enter one or more serial numbers of your Peplink unit, and click the Next button.

InControl2 Settings

The InControl Organization and Group settings sections allow you to configure the Organization’s and Group’s Name, Address, Security Settings, and Logo.

These settings can be accessed from Organization Settings> Organization Settings at the Organization level or Settings > Group Settings at Group Level in the main menu.

From the Organization Level:

From the Group Level:

Adding Devices

Devices can be added at the Organization or Group level.

Since devices belong to a Group and Organization there is only 1 extra step involved when adding the device at Organization level, which is selecting the group.

The following steps show how to add a device at Organization Level.

Select Organization Settings > Add Devices

Select a group from the drop-down list, and add the serial number(s) for the devices you are adding to InControl.

(When adding multiple devices, the serial numbers should be comma, space, or enter separated.)

Click Next.

Change the device name and location (if required) in the next section.

Click on confirm to finalize this action, and a green Message will appear that the device has been added successfully.

Device already Belong to another organization? 

Why am I seeing this message?

Each device can only be added to one InControl organization. This message means the device you are trying to add has been previously added and still exists in another InControl organization.

How do I add it to my organization?

If we (MMH) configured your router or have troubleshooted your device in the past, your device may be still in our InControl Dealer portal. If this is the case, please contact us at and we would be happy to remove your device from our portal or split our access to allow us future access to your device for troubleshooting purposes. 

If you purchased your device from a previous owner, you will need to contact the seller or previous owner and request for them to remove the device from their InControl organization before you can add your device to your organization.

Firmware Management 

On the individual device page, navigate to Settings > Firmware Management

Select the desired firmware from the drop-down list next to Applying Firmware.

Select Immediately, or Scheduled next to Update Schedule.

Press Save Changes to apply your changes.

Warranties and Licenses

The Warranty & License section can be accessed from Organization Settings > Warranty & License, which shows an overview and tools to help manage warranty and licenses for all the physical devices in the organization AND the licenses for Fusionhub virtual appliances.

Adding New User

To create a new user on Organizational Level log in to InControl and select Organization Settings > Organization Settings in the menu.

To create a new user on Group Level, select the required Group and select Settings > Group Settings in the menu.

Add the First NameLast Name, and Email address for the new user in the required field.

Select the user role from the drop-down menu, select the + button, and Save the changes.

Group Level Dashboard Actions/Settings

To access these actions click the Edit button from the Group Dashboard level. 

Check the device you would like to perform the actions on.

Click the Actions drop-down menu. 

Common Actions that can be completed from the Group Level Dashboard

InControl2 Device Dashboard

Click Device Name to access the device-level dashboard:

The device details page shows a dashboard with all relevant information about a device.

The Show All link behind the Device Name shows additional information.

The available information available depends on the device model; only supported features are shown on the dashboard.

Detailed WAN information is available when clicking the Details link next to each WAN connection.

Port List 

The WAN and LAN port information is shown for supported models.

It shows the available WAN and LAN ports and their status.

Remember, a LAN port can provide internet FROM your Peplink router TO another device like a computer or printer. The WAN port provides internet FROM another internet source like a Starlink or another hotspot TO your Peplink router.

Remote Web Admin - Peplink’s Admin Panel 

The Remote Web Admin tool in Peplink’s InControl allows for single-click access to the admin web interfaces of your remote Peplink devices without the need for a static IP address.

Select Remote Web admin within the device settings, which will open a new tab redirected to an authenticated router admin page. From this page, you do not have to input your admin panel login credentials, as you are already logged into your InControl account. 

Notification & Report Emailing 

Email notification profiles are created in InControl to send email alerts about system events to the administrators or other email addresses.

The section can be accessed from the Group Level menu in Settings > Notifications.

You can also receive notifications for data usage on your devices.

These notifications can be enabled from the Group Level menu in Settings > Report Emailing

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