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Getting a consistent and reliable internet signal while you're on the road can be challenging, and for many nomads it's mission critical that they remain connected at all times. Fortunately, there have been several developments in technology over the past few years that have made this possible, but they all come with their own limitations. 

Cellular solutions, like the Peplink bundles that we carry on our website, tend to be the most reliable, but there will always be a limit to how far away a cellular antenna can go from a cellular tower before it loses its connection. 

Conversely, Starlink antennas can establish a connection in some of the most remote areas in the country/ world, but if your dish doesn't have a direct line of site to Starlink's satellites it may get no connection at all. Starlink can also get heavily throttled if you're in an area with lots of other Starlink users.

For these reasons, the most reliable mobile internet setups tend to be the ones that combine Peplink and Starlink together because when one of them struggles to form a connection, the other will likely shine.

The other benefit of combining them is that when you do, you'll be able to manage all of your connections from one place; your Peplink's dashboard.

Key Points

The Starlink High Performance dish has several useful features. First and foremost, it will give you access to 35% more of Starlink's satellites than the standard dish will. It is also designed in such a way that you will have the ability to eliminate the Starlink router from your setup altogether, and instead connect your Starlink dish directly to your Peplink router. Eliminating the router means less bulky equipment taking up space in your RV. 

Here are some key points about integrating the high-performance dish into your Peplink setup:

  • Power-At this point in time the HP dish can only be run off of AC power due to its high-power draw. For this reason, you will need an inverter to power this dish. Note: By eliminating the Starlink router from the equation, you will only need to plug one piece of equipment into AC power (the power supply), since your Peplink can be run on DC. 
  • Components-HP dish, AC power supply, 25' AC power supply cable, Starlink ethernet cable. This is all that you'll need to physically connect the HP Starlink Dish to your Peplink router. 
  • Mounting the Dish-Our HP Starlink kit comes with a wedge mount and also a mounting template that makes predrilling the dishes screw holes a piece of cake. 
  • Routing the Power Cable-The kit also includes a surface mountable grommet for routing the power cable. We DO NOT recommend using this as it's more difficult to install than other cable management systems. We carry a better solution on our website that you can find here: Cable Entry Systems – 


When connecting your Starlink to your Peplink device, you will want to ensure the following has been done: 

1. Enable Starlink Bypass Mode
  • Open up the Starlink app
  • Tap Settings
  • Swipe down and tap Bypass Mode
  • Slide the toggle to the right
  • When prompted, confirm you want to continue by tapping OK
2. Using the Starlink ethernet adapter product, ensure that you are wired in the WAN port (not the LAN port)
  • Ensure WAN is enabled as WAN in Network Tab -> Port Settings
  • Ensure WAN is in Priority 1 
3. Health Check Method set to PING


Our partners over at are a great resource to utilize if you're looking for more information about integrating Starlink into your setup. They have a wealth of information on their website dedicated to Starlink reviews, updates, and comparisons. We strongly encourage all of our customers to use this resource if they're looking for more knowledge about staying connected while on the road. 
Note: Our MMH Explore Membership includes full access to their website. You can find more information about becoming an Explore Member by following this link: 
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