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MobileMustHave Wireless FusionSIM data plans:

  • M100
  • M500
  • M1000



If you are interested in using a MMH Wireless FusionSIM Cellular Data Plan, you will need to set up your desired cellular modem to connect to it. This guide will teach you how to connect to it and stay connected.

Turning on your FusionSIM

Ensure your router is updated to the current firmware. FusionSim requires up to date firmware to work. If you need to update your firmware, you can do so by following this guide Updating Peplink Firmware

Navigate to the Dashboard tab and select the cellular details button of the modem you wish to connect to your FusionSIM plan.

Click the cellular details button of the cellular modem you wish to change

Scroll down to "SIM card" setting under "Cellular Settings" section. Check the FusionSIM box.

You can use the horizontal scroller to scroll past SIM A and SIM B on the screen to get to the FusionSIM section. The settings below are not needed for activation and connecting, but may be beneficial (for example, if you want to control band selection on the FusionSIM):

Connecting to your FusionSIM

There are a few ways of establishing your link to the FusionSIM, all of which require another internet source that remains active after establishing the link to FusionSIM. Please note that this other internet source is RREQUIRED for you to establish your link to the FusionSIM. The FusionSIM alone does not have the ability to establish your Peplink's initial link to the internet which allows the FusionSIM to connect in the first place. There are three different methods for establishing that initial link to the internet and FusionSIM:

Option 1:

You can have FusionSIM and other internet sources in priority 1 at the same time. Having multiple sources in priority 1 will suffice in getting FusionSIM connected and is perfect if you plan on having multiple internet sources running at the same time for load balancing or SpeedFusion.

Option 2:

You can also have your FusionSIM as your only priority 1 connection. In this case, you still need the backup internet source, but you can have it in a failover position so that it only uses the data needed to establish the link to FusionSIM and not more. You can accomplish this within a single cellular modem if you have another physical SIM plan. You can do this via the following configuration:

Option 3:

You can also connect to FusionSIM using the priority system on your dashboard. In this case, you just need your other internet source in any non-disabled priority:

In both options 2 and 3, you will have FusionSIM as your priority 1 connection and another non-FusionSIM internet source as priority 2. The Peplink will go through a process of attempting to connect to FusionSIM, then the other internet source, then finally fully connecting to FusionSIM.

Please note the following about connecting to FusionSIM:

  • The way this technology works, it needs time to establish the link to the FusionSIM. Please allow for up to 15 minutes after powering on and initiating your attempt to connect.
  • FusionSIM requires another internet source to stay connected. As shown above, it can exist in standby to do this job and only requires KBs of data to establish the link. That also means that extremely slow internet sources and small data plans both work great as the backup for FusionSIM.

Requesting Assistance

If you feel you are not getting anywhere or there is another issue you can always reach out to our team directly by initiating a ticket here on the support portal or by emailing

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