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  • Blu Tech Fixed Water Filtration Systems: The SOLO, The DUO, and The TRIO


In this article, you'll find instructions and best practices for the initial setup and maintenance of your Blu Tech fixed water filtration system. Please bookmark this page for future reference. 

WARRANTY DISCLAIMER: Blu Tech tests all of their water products individually before shipping for leaks and other issues. It is essential that you hook up and test your water system within the first 30 days or purchase and report any issues immediately to our team to prevent issues related to a warranty claim. Just like with any water system: Issues resulting from freezing, overtightening, dropping or system neglect are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. 

Before We Get Started, The Basics

What is Inside the Box?

  • Blu Tech Fixed Water Filtration System: The Trio, The Duo, or The Solo
  • All filters pre-installed

Understanding your filters and what they do

Sediment Filter (Longevity)

Extend the life of your filters with the additional Sediment "LONGEVITY" Filter. With this added pre-filter, you will get 3-4 months of clean and clear water (depending on the turbidity of the water). Blu Technology water filters are designed with high flow technology, allowing them to have a high flow rate despite their high filtration rate! The Blu Technology "Off-Grid" filter is made in the USA.

0.2 Micron Filter (Safety)

Blu Technology’s “Off-Grid” Filters are up to 99.99% efficient for 0.2 Micron-sized particles. Standard RV inline water filters measure in at 20 Micron, so Blu Technology's “Off-Grid” Filters provide filtration for particles that are up to 100x smaller! The “Off-Grid” 5-inch filter is designed with an added layer of protection only offered by Blu Technology, and is one-of-a-kind in the industry. The Blu Technology “Off-Grid” filter has an additional electro-adsorptive media technology that is able to capture even more submicron contaminants through ion exchange! 

Taste & Smell Filter (Tasty)

The Granular Activated Carbon Coconut Shell “TASTY” Filter works to improve the taste and the smell of your water. The “TASTY” Filter works to address common taste and smell concerns with water at campgrounds by addressing chlorine and more! 

Effectively Removes: Chlorine, cloudiness, bad taste and odors, and organic chemicals.

Correct Filter Sequencing

• DUO: Inlet Filter: 0.2 MICRON Filter, Outlet Filter: “TASTY” Filter
• TRIO: Inlet Filter: “LONGEVITY” Filter, Middle Filter 0.2 MICRON Filter, Outlet Filter “TASTY” Filter

Additional Resources: At the bottom of this article, there is a link to our Water Filter Best Practices Guide with detailed instructions on how to change your filters, as well as how to store your system and filters during the off season.

Installation and Best Practices

One-time Install!

Install your fixed system once, then just swap out your filters when needed. These systems are designed to be mounted under a sink, or before your faucet, water heater, or freshwater tank in your RV. These systems feature a stainless-steel frame, filter housings, and pre-installed garden hose or PEX fittings, making the system both durable and corrosion-resistant!

It's also worth noting that the fixed systems are NOT COMPATIBLE with Blu Technology quick connect accessory hoses, as they are designed to be connected to inline plumbing and not to outside fixtures. 

FYI: We have sold fixed systems with 2 different types of plumbing attachments; garden hose and PEX. Blu switched to garden hose attachments because the PEX fittings will break if overtightened. If you received a fixed system with garden hose attachments, you will need to buy a garden hose to PEX adapter to be able to attach one of these systems to your water lines. Links below.

PEX Modification Kits:

Blu Tech Male 1/2" PEX Modification Kit for DUO and SOLO – 

Blu Tech Female 1/2" PEX Fittings for TRIO – 

  • The Solo and Duo use MALE PEX. 
  • The Trio uses a FEMALE PEX. 

The procedure is the same for both, except on one the tape goes on the male fitting (SOLO, DUO). On the other, the tape goes on the male thread on the canister set (TRIO).

TOP TIP: Plumbing installations can be tricky if you don't have the proper tools or experience. It's very important that you don't overtighten your connections, or you could breat the equipment. On the flip side; if you don't tighten your connections enough you might experience leaking. If you don't have experience working with plumming, we recommend erring on the side of caution, and hiring a professional to do the install for you.

Installing your Fixed System (w/ PEX fittings):

  1. Connect 1/2" Inch OD (Outside Diameter) PEX Tubing to the Stainless Steel PEX Fitting.
  2. Using the provided (white) Teflon Tape; wrap the fittings 7 times, pressing the tape into the threadings to ensure a tight bond. Teflon Tape MUST be used on the threadings to prevent leaks and damage to the system.
  3. Connect plumbing crimp to the outside of the tubing around PEX and tighten 1/4 turn past resistance to ensure the system is fully sealed off.

First Time Use

The first time you use your water filter system or if you haven't used it for a long period of time, it is a good idea to flush your system before use.  Once you get your fixed system installed and are hooked up to a water source, turn on the water and let it run for about 5 minutes before you start using the water. This will allow the cannisters to fill up and pressurize appropriately for use.

Filter Upkeep

Please review and bookmark our Water Filter Best Practices Guide for tricks and tips on getting the most out of your water filters.

Requesting Assistance

If you feel you are not getting anywhere or there is another issue you can always reach out to our team directly by initiating a ticket here on the support portal or by emailing

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