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The purpose of this article is to gather a list of frequently asked questions related to Blu Tech products, so that our customers have a reliable place to find solutions to common problems related to these products. We will constantly update the list as we learn more information from customers (like yourself), in order to make the upkeep and troubleshooting process is simple and straightforward as possible.

Water Softener Issues

Q: My Water Softener doesn’t appear to be working correctly/ water is testing hard after regeneration. What can I do to fix this? 

A: There are a few things that I want to point out as it relates to maintaining your water softener: 


  • The softener should be regenerated at least once a month if being used full-time. The longer you go without regenerating, the more calcium and magnesium buildup there will be on the resin. This will make the regen process less effective and will likely mean that you need to regenerate a 2nd time in order to get the water to the desired level of softness. 
  • In cases of high-water usage or particularly hard water, it may be necessary to regenerate as often as every 12 to 14 days.  
  • When performing regeneration make sure that the cap is ON. That way you can ensure that you don't lose any of your resin. 
  • Back-Flush Process (Every 3 Months): Perform a backflush on your Softener every 3 months for a duration of 2-5 minutes. The purpose of backflushing is to expand the resin bed, which may have settled and become compacted over time. This action helps to break up any water channels within the resin bed, ensuring that all the resin is effectively utilized and creating optimal conditions for a uniform flow.  


Below you'll find links to our Water Softener 'Get Started' and 'Maintenance' guides. We suggest that you review and bookmark both links as they each include important information that will help you get the most out of your water softener. 

Water Softener Get Started Guide

Water Softener Regeneration, Backflush, Maintenance Guide 

Taste Issues

 Q: My water tastes funny (rubber, plastic, or just generally foul) after setting up my new filtration system. Is there something wrong with my filters and/or system? 


A: There are a couple of things to consider if your water tastes bad after setting up your new Blu tech system, and the root cause is generally something other than the system or your brand-new filters. 


  • Water source- Try tasting the water out of the SPIGOT (faucet) first. Taste the water at the end of your hose (not connected to the system), and then taste the water directly out of your system. And finally, hook up the whole system and taste the water from the faucet inside.  This will help you (and us) determine the rout cause of the bad taste. 
  • Your RV-There's a chance that the bad taste could be coming from your hose, or your camper’s water lines. It’s always a good idea to flush your water lines and hoses before connecting to a new filtration system.

Water Pressure Issues

Q: After connecting my filtration system, my water pressure is extremely low. How do I fix this? 


A: There are a couple of things that can cause this, so you’ll need to do some troubleshooting steps to identify the root cause: 


  • First and foremost, always ensure that you flush your filters before 1st time use. It is always recommended that you let your system run for a minimum of 1 minute before use and between filter changes. This allows the canisters to fill up and pressurize appropriately for use. 
  • Pressure regulator: It could be a problem related to your pressure regulator. If step one didn’t' work, test your system both with and without the regulator to see if you notice a difference. 
  • Your filters are in the wrong order. The correct order should be Longevity (inlet), 0.2 Micron, Tasty (outlet).  
  • 0.2-micron filter. In some cases, the 0.2-micron filter doesn’t “charge” properly when performing step 1. If you get this far in the process, remove your 0.2-micron filter from its cannister and soak it in COLD water for 15 minutes.


Note: These filters are designed to filter COLD WATER ONLY. If you try to filter hot water, it can damage the integrity of the filters (particularly the Tasty) and can cause them to break down.


Leaks/ Mounting Issues

Q: My new system is leaking! Can you send me replacement parts to fix it? 


A: There are 3 types of leaks that we see with these systems, each with a different cause and solution. 


  • The leak is coming from one of the quick connect fittings. If this is the case the problem is most likely caused by a disrupted or faulty O ring within the quick connect. This can sometimes be as simple as a piece of sand being caught beneath the O ring. You can try to spray the quick connect with air or water to remove the obstruction. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the quick connect. 
  • The leak is coming from the O ring inside one of your quick connect hoses. These are very easy to fix. You just need two wrenches.  Unscrew the quick connect and screws in the new one and retightens. 
  • The leak is coming from the quick connect on the (portable) system itself. This is a little more difficult because you must "tape" the threads.

 Q: What is the proper procedure for taping a (quick connect, PEX, hose) fitting on one of these systems? 


A: Follow these steps- 

  • Be sure to wrap using Teflon tape. *NOTE: It comes in 2 colors (white and blue) 
  • Wrap around the threads 7 times clockwise (white), or 3 times clockwise (blue) 
  • Then use your fingers to rotate clockwise over the tape; pushing to make sure the tape is seated in the threads. 
  • Install the fitting as far as you can finger tight. 
  • Us a wrench to rotate clockwise until you feel moderate resistance. (Message us for exact torque spec)
  • If any leaks, take the fitting off and apply another 2 layers of tape (white), or 1 layer of tape (blue) and repeat previous steps.


Q: What is the recommended way to mount my fixed system (with or without PEX fittings)? 


A: With any sort of fixed system that attaches to inline plumbing (PEX) there is always a risk of overtightening and breaking something. If you don’t have experience working with inline plumbing, we highly recommend hiring a professional to install your fixed system. With that said here are some key points that you (or your installer should be aware of): 

  • The Solo and Duo use MALE PEX. 
  • The Trio uses a FEMALE PEX. 
  • On the Solo and Duo, the tape goes on the male PEX fitting.   
  • For the Trio, the tape goes on the male thread on the Trio canister set. 

Missing parts 

Q: My order was missing a quick connect (or another component). Can you send me a replacement? 

A: Please check your packaging thoroughly to ensure that the component isn’t lost within the packing paper or in one of the small boxes within the larger box. We commonly see situations where some of these smaller components were found “hiding” within the packaging. If you still can’t find it please send us a photo, clearly showing the contents of your packaging, and we will escalate your ticket from there.

Requesting Assistance

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