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Products Covered

Peplink is adding devices that can utilize the SIM injector. The list below may be a partial list. For information on a specific device please reach out to our team at
  • Balance series: 20X, 310 5G, 310 Fiber 5G, 310X, 310X 5G, 380X, 580X, SDX Pro, EPX
  • MAX series: MBX, MBX 5G, MBX Mini, PDX, BR1 Classic (HW3), BR1 Pro (HW 5/6), BR2 Pro, BR1 IP55 (HW4 & above), HD2 Mini, HD1 Dome, HD1 Dome Pro, HD2 Dome, HD2 IP67(HW4 and above), Transit Pro, Transit Pro E, Transit Core, UBR LTE, UBR Plus, SFE CAM.

Article Summary

Download Peplink's SIM injector manual in the attached article for complete instructions and various configuration examples of how you can use Peplink Sim Injector products. 


The Team at the Mobile Internet Resource Center and have pre recorded webinar content explaining the basics of the Peplink sim injector and showing the unit in action. Chris, Cherie and Erik highlight various configuration options as well as outlined various versions of the Peplink SIM injector available. Links below....

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Peplink Sim Injector Guide

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With the addition of Peplink Synergy Mode in Firmware 8.1.3configuring multiple devices to use a single sim injector is simplified. This configuration is not yet covered in the user manual. We recommend you visit the Synergy Mode Guide and Peplink SIM Injector Member Guides above for more information.


Use the download links below to download the Peplink SIM Injector Manual complete with various configuration scenarios and detailed instructions on setting up the Peplink SIM Injector. 

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