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The DC to DC 12v to 56v step-up converter enables PoE on select Peplink devices that have PoE support. Peplink offers a 56v power adapter however it requires 120v power making it a less-than-ideal solution for mobile use. This step-up converter supports up to 168 watts of output power making it perfect for powering any device that accepts 56v DC power input. This is most commonly used with mobile routers that support PoE output and require 56v power input in order to enable the PoE ports. 

WARNING: Consult an electrician whenever working on electrical systems to verify your setup. Always fuse and secure all connections, use proper gauge wiring and connect the electricity source LAST to ensure wires are not live during your installation. When in doubt, hire a professional. is not responsible for improper use or installation and any damage that may result from improper installation. 

This DC-to-DC step-up converter takes standard 12v power from RV house batteries and converts it to 56v which can be used to enable PoE on devices. The device supports input voltage from 11-16 volts. It is not suitable for 24v installations. 

Diagram of DC Converter

How to wire the Converter

The device has a wiring configuration diagram on the bottom of the device. The thicker black and red wires are the power INPUT wires. the Black and Yellow thinner wires are the power output wires as shown in the above image. We recommend installing a 15amp DC fuse on the input side of the converter. 12 gauge wire is typically recommended on the input side and 18 gauge on the output side but this may vary depending on the length and wattage requirements of your installation. 

As a general best practice, connect the yellow (+) and black (-) output wires to your device requiring PoE output first. Then connect your Red (+) and Black (-) supply wires last to ensure when the device is energized your output connections are already secured.  Secure all connections using appropriate wire splice connectors such as butt connectors and verify your connections are secure. 

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