Being able to schedule times where your connections are active can be very useful depending on your needs. Let’s say you want to be connected to your cellular network during working hours but after work switch over to a Wi-Fi Network. You need to create a “schedule” inside the Pepwave admin software. 

1. After logging into the admin portal, click on the System tab 

2.  From the left panel options, click on “Schedule”

3. Select “New Schedule” option

4. Here you will be able to set your schedule depending on your needs. It even has a standard work week option as indicated in the photo below.  Make sure to click "Save"

5. Once you have set up the schedule the way you desire, go back to the dashboard and click on Details for the connection you would like to schedule.

6. From this screen, you will want to apply the schedule to the connection of your choice. 

Make sure to click "Save and Apply" at the bottom of the page

Should you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us at