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Products Covered

  • AirGain Connect
  • Peplink AP Rugged (AP One Series will have near identical wiring)


The AirgainConnect pairs with the Pepwave AP Rugged Access Point when configured in Router Mode to provide wireless vehicle coverage via the AirgainConnect HPUE Firstnet modem. The following diagram provides a summary of our recommendations on how to integrate the two pieces of hardware. 

Configure Airgain Connect

The AirgainConnect does not have a management console and as such does not require configuration other than to ensure the FirstNET sim card is active and properly installed in the device. When the SIM is active and the AirgainConnect modem is online, a solid green light will appear on the Airgain Ethernet Injector. For additional information on the AirgainConnect consult the installation manual linked below. Once the SIM card is verified active and installed proceed to the next step. 

Pre Configuring AP Rugged

Before you physically install the AirGain Connect and Peplink AP Rugged together you must put the Pepwave Access Point into Router Mode. 

The Pepwave's default IP from the factory is In order to access the administration interface, you must set your computer's IP address to the same IP range/subnet. Configure your computer's local wired ethernet interface to the following. 

Local Static IP:


Default gateway:

Connect an ethernet cable to either LAN port of the Pepwave AP and the other end to your computer's ethernet port. 

If you do not have an ethernet port on your computer you can also connect to the Peplink's WIFi. You must follow the steps above to set your wifi interface to the static IP address above. The WiFi network name is PeplinkXXXX wih the XXXX being the last 4 digits of the device serial number stamped on the bottom of the device. The wifi password is stamped on the bottom of the device, it is case sensitive. 

Power up the Peplink device and wait for a solid green status light. Open a web browser and visit, the default IP address of the Pepwave access point. Login to the Pepwave admin console. The default username and password are "admin" and "admin" also case sensitive. Note you will be required to change your admin password at first login, make sure to write down the password for future reference. 

Enable routing mode by navigating to the Network tab. Follow the screenshot instructions below. 

Your Pepwave is now pre-configured Return your computer's IP settings back to DHCP and/or "obtain IP address automatically and proceed to the physical installation. 

Physical Installation & Wiring

The following wiring diagram attached below outlines how to connect the AirgainConnect and Peplink AP Rugged. 

Customizing WiFi SSID & Password

We recommend you set up your device WiFi in accordance with our WiFi setup best practices. A separate help article is available below. 

WiFi Setup Best Practices Guide 

Requesting Assistance

If you feel you are not getting anywhere or there is another issue you can always reach out to our team directly by initiating a ticket here on the support portal or by emailing

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