There are three reasons you could be seeing this message on the Pepwave's dashboard. 

  1. You are in an extended range network area (boonies) and the service in the area will not work due to carrier restrictions.
  2. You are using a SIM card from a carrier or third-party that requires setting modification to correctly talk to the network
  3. Finally, (and most common) Something is wrong with your account billing (non-payment, account suspension, etc)

If you have not moved to a new location, and you did not see this message before hand, and now, you do, that is a good indication that it is an account issue over anything else.  You must reach out to the data provider for your service for this to be resolved, this is not something the team has access to. 

If you purchased the referral plan off our site, please contact and that will forward directly to the data provider. 

If this is your first time trying your SIM and you see this message for longer than 5 mins please review the list below: 

  • Has your data sim be activated by your provider?
  • Does your data provider need your device IMEI?
  • Does your data provider require you to update the APN on the device?

If you have confirmed the above and still can't get connected please reach out to our support team with screenshots of the dashboard and they can assist.