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The following Terms & Conditions have been published by MobileMustHave Wireless,'s wireless division. These terms must be adhered to prevent termination of service. If you have any questions message our team at These terms may change from time to time if the carriers make changes to plan availability. MobileMustHave will make efforts to provide suitable alternatives if terms change or you may elect to cancel your service at any time. All plans include a 7-day moneyback guarantee. After this period, pro-rated refunds for monthly service are not provided by

Did you know you can track and monitor your usage easily with our Pepwave devices and even set limits to avoid suspension? To learn more visit our Data Monitoring & Usage Guide. 

Data Reseller Plan  - Terms of Service

Data Limits & Billing Cycle Dates

The cellular carrier chooses to enforce fine print "abuse clauses" during peaks of high demand which can result in total account suspension which would result in hundreds of customers being shut off at once. To prevent this MobileMustHave enforces the following usage restrictions. Lines are checked daily and if your line is found to be violating the usage terms below it will be immediately suspended by our data partner. 

MobileMustHave Wireless - B300 300GB Plan

  • Data Usage Limit for a 30-day period: 300GB
  • Data Usage Limit for any 7-day period: 300GB
  • Data Cycle Reset: 16th of Each Month

MobileMustHave Wireless - B800 800GB Plan

  • Data Usage Limit for a 30-day period: 800GB
  • Data Usage Limit for any 7-day period: 300GB
  • Data Cycle Reset: 16th of Each Month

MobileMustHave Wireless - P800 800GB Plan

  • Data Usage Limit for a 30-day period: 800GB
  • Data Usage Limit for any 7-day period: 300GB
  • Data Cycle Reset: 1st of Each Month

MobileMustHave Wireless - R800 800GB Plan

  • Data Usage Limit for a 30-day period: 300GB
  • Data Usage Limit for any 7-day period: 300GB
  • Data Cycle Reset: 1st of Each Month

Support Devices

At this time we are only accepting devices purchased from This is because devices purchased from other resellers or from eBay or other locations often have been reported stolen or otherwise are flagged by the cellular carriers for having issues. Activating these devices our agreement in jeopardy and therefore they only will activate devices purchased from

Reselling Service Is Expressly Prohibited

MobileMustHave does allow reselling of our cellular data services under any circumstances. If you are suspected of reselling your account will be immediately terminated.

Device Blacklisting

Purchasing 3rd party plans, also known as 'reseller plans' are often the only way for customers to gain access to high GB data plans required for remote work and travel. While these plans are generally stable, you are connecting your device to a plan managed by a third party. does not have direct relationships with any cellular carrier and purchases data plans through data wholesalers who provide access. As such, your device is tied to the larger wholesale account and this does carry certain risks. In recent months we have seen reports of wholesalers who have had shutdowns on the AT&T network devices on these accounts have been added to an internal AT&T blacklist. So far AT&T is the only carrier that has chosen to blacklist modems associated with reseller accounts.  AT&T offers little help to customers who wish to resume service directly or through a wholesaler stating the device is stolen when it clearly is not. 

While this is rare, it is our duty to our customers to explain the risks associated with using 3rd party reseller plans. cannot accept responsibility if a device is added to a carrier blacklist as this is an inherent risk customers take when engaging in reseller plans from MMH or anyone else. While this occurrence is rare, each customer must decide if this risk is acceptable based on their individual needs and tolerance for risk. ANY plan offered by ANY reseller carries this risk, do not be fooled by marketing claiming otherwise.  If your device is blacklisted on the AT&T network, it will continue to function on other cellular networks such as Verizon and T-Mobile. This warning is stated on the listing page prior to purchase and again here in our Wireless Terms of Service and as such does not accept responsibility for any actions taken by the carrier to blacklist a device for any reason including the use of a 3rd party reseller plan. 

Requesting Cancellation

If you wish to terminate or suspend service you may do so at any time. Canceled plans do not receive a prorated refund so manage the timing on when you send a cancellation request carefully to ensure you do not pay for a month where you will not need the service. This means that if you pre-pay for 30 days of service and cancel 1 week into that month you will not get a refund for the remaining 3 weeks. 

To avoid this plan ahead and manage your cancellation timeline. We generally say it's best to give yourself a 2-3 day buffer from the last day of your billing cycle to request cancellation. If you are not sure about the billing cycle date visit and log in to check your subscription status.

Consider new line activation delay timelines listed on listing pages when cancelling your account. In periods of high demand reactivating service can take upwards of 30 days. More information on reactivation of service is listed below. 

Requesting Re-activation (not due to termination)

If your service was terminated by MobileMustHave please follow the Appeal Termination instructions below. 

If you wish to reactivate the service simply purchase the plan again at to begin the process again with a new plan. You will receive a new sim card and instructions to set up your new plan upon repurchase.

Appealing Termination

If you feel your line was terminated without violation of the terms listed here you may email MobileMustHave Wireless at to request an appeal. Line reactivations are at the sole discretion of MobileMustHave Wireless and if the cellular provider has determined your line should be suspended it cannot be reactivated under any circumstances as this is out of our control. If you are suspended and request re-activation, be prepared to provide information and proof you have put data limits in place on your Pepwave device by following the instructions listed in our Data Monitoring & Usage Guide. If MobileMustHave Wireless chooses to re-instate your line you will be placed at the back of the activation queue. 

Requesting a Refund

MobileMustHave Wireless provides a 7-day, refund on data plans. If you are unhappy for any reason MobileMustHave Wireless will refund your original referral fee less the $9.00 cost of the sim card sent to you and any shipping fees elected at checkout.  Refunds will be reviewed and approved by our Customer Service Management Team and provided at our sole discretion. Refunds are typically provided without issue but may be refused if the customer has made multiple plan purchases or has used significant data in the 7-day period indicating a potentially fraudulent request for a refund. If you request a refund your account may be suspended from future purchases of the same plan, this is to prevent vacationers from purchasing plans for a week and requesting refunds (yes it happens). If you are past the 7 day return period you may still cancel your service at any time. See the cancellation section above for details.

Contacting MobileMustHave Wireless &

To contact MobileMustHave Wireless directly email 

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