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Products Covered

  • Pepwave Max Series Mobile Routers. Balance Series Routers have slightly different screens and a different default IP address. See below Balance section for additional information. 


In this article, we will show you how to access the Pepwave administration panel. The administration panel is where you check the status of your device, make configuration changes and troubleshoot your device. 

The default IP address for Max and Transit Series Pepwaves is

You do NOT need to be connected to the Internet to access the Pepwave Admin Panel. The Pepwave Admin Panel is located on the Pepwave device so you can connect to it anytime you are connected to the Pepwave WIFI or to the Pepwave LAN port via ethernet cable. This is the most common mistake for new users so double check your WIFI is connected to the Pepwave and follow the instructions below. 

Accessing Pepwave Admin Panel

Below is a summary video on how to access the Pepwave admin panel. 

Balance Series Mobile Routers

Balance series routers have a slightly different interface but the steps to access are nearly identical. Follow the steps in the instruction video above but use which is the default address for Balance series devices. 

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