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Many customers have asked us about if they should be looking at 5G ready devices and possibly waiting or purchasing now depending on our recommendations. Note that 5G is a rapidly changing technology and the opinions expressed in this article will likely be changing so before making a decision we recommend emailing us or firing up a chat with our team at MobileMustHave.com if you have questions. Our friends at the Mobile Internet Resource Center are closely tracking the evolution of 5G and have made the following information available

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What Type of 5G is supported?

The cellular companies have done quite a job confusing folks about 5G and the reality of the speeds they should expect. Before we get into that, let's talk about the two main types of 5G and which version is supported by Peplink mobile routers. 

5G Ultra Wide Band or Millimeter Wave - (Not Supported By Peplink)

5G Ultra Wide Band operates on extremely high frequencies (~30,000mhz +) and as such can support extremely fast data speeds. That said the range of Ultra Wide Band is extremely limited, typically less than 1000 ft in most realistic situations. Advertising about 5G ultra wide band by the cellular companies is largely responsible for the public being totally confused about the reality of 5G and what it can really do in every day life. Keeping things simple for this article, 5G Ultra Wide Band is only suitable for dense urban environments like Time Square, NYC or for your next rock concert or Nascar event. Think of this technology as extremely fast but with a range so limited that it can only be utilized in extremely dense environments like the ones listed above. Window glass or even rain drops will impact the performance of this highly volatile short range technology making it not suitable for RV/Mobile use. As such, Peplink devices do not support Ultra Wide Band 5G and either do other business class mobile routers like CradlePoint. This is mainly because the Ultra Wide Band Technology requires the internal antennas be so close to the modem to prevent signal loss that it's not feasible to built a modem that supports external antennas and also supports ultra wide band. That said, ultra wide band again is not suitable for 99% of mobile internet customers.

What is commonly referred to as "Nationwide 5G" or Low Band Spectrum 5G is supported by Peplink's new lineup of 5G mobile routers. 5G Nationwide operates in frequencies that are sub 6Ghz and much more effective at traveling longer distances allowing for a "nationwide network". While the carriers claim nationwide the actual coverage is still not in many areas but it is popping up in more and more cities and suburbs all the time. That said, the speed of Nationwide 5G is nowhere near what Ultra Wide Band is. Again keeping it simple as there are plenty of videos on the internet that will get into the technical stuff, 5G nationwide is more like a supped up version of 4G where they have widened the spectrum to allow for faster download speeds, sometimes as much as 100% faster. 

The answer is "maybe"... While some plans offer 5G support, it is important to check with your carrier to make sure your plan supports 5G networks. 

For customers on "reseller" data plans or Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans we suspect that the 5G modems will not work or may work but not pickup 5G even in a 5G coverage area. This is because while many of those plans are "unlimited" the carriers are using the launch of 5G as an excuse to say "well those plans do not support 5G" forcing customers to upgrade to newer plans with 5G support that may have strict data caps or throttling restrictions.  

UPDATE: As of June 2021 we are finding some resellers have 5G access on plans. Check with your reseller to determine if their plan supports 5G and note you still may have activation issues or may need to activate with a legacy 4G device IMEI then move the SIM to 5G device. Check with your data reseller. 

The MAX BR1 5G Mobile Router is an excellent choice for the traveler looking to stay connected on-the-go with cellular data who want a blazing fast single cellular connection that is expandable for added connectivity. It is also the modem of choice for the MobileMustHave Speed Demon Bundle

  • 1x 5G X62 Series Cellular Modem
  • 1x WAN Port (2 with Virtual WAN included in PrimeCare)
  • 2x LAN Ports (3 with assignable WAN to LAN)
  • 1 Year of SpeedFusion Connect Protect WAN Bonding + 1GB of data transfer (single cellular device can bond cellular WAN with WAN ethernet devices)
Mobile Internet Resource Center has a detailed product review of the BR1 5G Pro here. 

The Peplink BR2 Pro 5G has an MSRP of $2,899.00 and is included as part of the Ultimate Road Warrior Bundle sold by MobileMustHave.com The BR2 Pro 5G offers the following features:

  • 2x 5G X62 Series Cellular Embedded Modems
  • Add a third 5G Cellular modem with an optional USB MAX Adapter
  • 3x 2.5GE Wired WAN Ports to connect Starlink, another Peplink router, or other wired connections (2x WAN + 1 Virtual WAN Included with PrimeCare)
  • Onboard WIFI 6 Dual Band 5Ghz & 2Ghz WiFi
  • 4 LAN connections
  • WiFi Controller for centrally managing external access points
  • 1 Year of SpeedFusion Connect Protect WAN Bonding + 2.5GB of data transfer
  • Advanced features including cellular band locking, TTL enforcement, MTU, and more.
  • Docker Onboard Application Support

Mobile Internet Resource Center has a detailed review of the Peplink BR2 Pro 5G here

The Peplink HD1 Dome Pro is brand new and completely redesigned for 2022. It is an industrial-grade mobile router that integrates a single CAT20/5G modem with a 4x4 MIMO cellular antenna, now adding WIFI 6 to the package for a complete mobile Internet solution. By integrating the radio and antenna into a single dome enclosure, cellular reception is maximized with minimal loss due to antenna cables. Previous generations of the HD Dome lacked WIFI, meaning they could not broadcast wirelessly to local clients or pickup public Marine/Campground or other WiFi signals to use as the internet. 

This router is ideal for mobile customers who already have ethernet wired to the roof from a previous installation, such as a WIFI Ranger or Winegard Connect 1.0 roof internet solution. In most cases, the existing ethernet cable can be repurposed, ensuring no new holes or cable runs are required for a robust internet solution. 

The HD1 Dome Pro is a fully functional mobile router complete with all features and functionality of traditional Peplink mobile routers. The HD1 Dome Pro has Peplink's AP Controller integrated, allowing it to be paired with Peplink Wireless Access Points such as the AP AX Lite or AP AX, providing the user with a centralized cellular, router, and wireless management console for easy management. The HD1 Pro Dome is powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE) which can be provided by an ethernet switch or by the optional SIM injector, which has an integrated switch supplying POE. The Optional SIM Injector includes an integrated four port switch and PoE along with providing 8 additional remote sim cards for total flexibility.

The HD1 Dome Pro provides single-cellular Bandwidth Bonding in an IP67 enclosure that has a minimal profile on the rooftop while providing the maximum signal. With redundant SIM, the HD1 Dome Pro supports single cellular radios and 2 SIM cards. Combine the HD1 Dome Pro with the optional SIM Injector, and the number of SIM cards increases to ten, allowing you to switch sim cards without having to access the dome, which may be mounted permanently up high.

For the latest information on the HD Dome Pro, we recommend checking out this article provided by our partners at the Mobile Internet Resource Center

Peplink has released information about the HD4 MBX modem which everyone is talking about as a great router for mobile internet based specs and above press release. While MobileMustHave.com will have these modems in stock, most models are priced typically in excess of $10,000 dollars so they are not a fit for 99% of mobile internet customers. The MBX HD4 5G features a quad cellular technology with 3 WAN ports making it a truly unstoppable mobile powerhouse with 4 separate 5G modems, 2 USB ports and 3 Wired WAN ports. That means up to 9 simultaneous WAN connections and support for Speedfusion bonding. If it's in your budget, it's going to be one of the most, if not the most powerful mobile router of 2021. That said, you will need 16, yes 16! cellular antennas on your roof so be prepared for at least 4 4x4 MIMO dome units on your roof with this mobile powerhouse. 

The Peplink Balance 310 5G Primecare is a powerhouse for remote office and branch office connectivity. Easily able to handle 100-250 users, this router has a 1GB router throughput for today's fastest wired connections and pairs a 5G CAT-20 Cellular modem and a second Cat-12 Cellular Modem for truly unbreakable connectivity.  The Balance 310 5G has 5 GB LAN ports, 1GB WAN Port, 2 SFP ports and a USB port with support for a 3rd cellular modem with Peplink's Max Adapter USB modems. 

The Balance 310 5G is a Primecare modem that entitles customers toSpeedFusion licensing for WAN bonding of the cellular modems, wan port, and USB WAN port for up to 4 simultaneous bonded WAN connections in a SpeedFusion tunnel. The Balance 310 5G's integrated WIFi Controller can control and centrally manage external access points for seamless wired and wireless centralized management.

Should I purchase a 5G modem? 

Yes! If you are looking for the latest technology, performance and reliability while on the road, MobileMustHave strongly recommends you consider a 5G modem as a solution.  MobileMustHave continues to also offer 4G solutions as well. Ultimately, every use-case is going to be different, so if you are concerned, we highly recommend chatting with our staff to help you make the best choice for your needs.

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