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Products Covered

  • Pepwave Max Series Mobile Devices. Balance Series are similar but may have slightly different menu layouts.


Peplink's Incontrol platform allows for cloud based management of your mobile router. Beginning in firmware 8.1 Peplink has a notification on the home screen to disable Incontrol if you have not setup an free Incontrol account at As such many customers must re-enable Incontrol once they realize that they disabled it. These instructions will explain how to re-enable Incontrol.

Re-enable Incontrol

Enabling Incontrol is done via the Pepwave management console. To access the management console you must be connected to your Pepwave via WIFI or via ethernet cable. Open a web browser and visit Login to the management console using your login credentials. The default credentials are username "admin" password "admin" however the password may have been changed as the first time you login to the device it requires you to set a new password. 

Once you have logged into your router, navigate to the settings tab, Incontrol sub tab and enable Incontrol. Hit "Save" at the bottom of the page. See screenshot below. 

Last you must hit "save and apply changes". See screenshot below. 

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