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Products Covered

  • Peplinke MAX BR1 series (Max BR1 MINI HW3 requires a separate license to enable this feature, message us for details)
  • Pepwave MAX Transit


In this article, we are going to review how to connect to an external WiFi source using the WiFi-as-WAN feature in select Pepwave Mobile Routers.  This is when you want to use home, campground, marina wifi or another public WiFi as a source of internet (WAN Source) within your Pepwave router.  

What is Wifi-as-WAN

Wifi-as-WAN is a term that means you are using a wifi source as your WAN or "Internet" connection source. You can use Pepwave mobile routers that support this feature to connect to these wifi sources to get out to the internet. The benefit of using your Pepwave to connect to the public wifi, instead of connecting your individual devices to public WiFi is that you only need to connect the Pepwave once to wifi and not change each of your devices' connection settings each time you move. The other benefits include ensuring your devices remain behind your Pepwave's firewall for added internet security. Lastly, many campground charger "per device" for wifi. Since your Pepwave is a single device you can register it as your device and it will then manage how all of your other devices connect through the Pepwave's single WiFi license from the campground.   

Note that not all WiFi networks are compatible. The WiFi as WAN functionality can sometimes have compatibility issues if the Pepwave and remote network share the same IP address or if there is a WiFi technology compatibility issue. 

Instructional Video (additional details below video)

How to Enable Wifi-as-WAN

Step 1: Log into the Pepwave's Dashboard

Step 2: If disabled, drag the the Wifi-as-WAN bar into any priority. 

Step 3: Click 'Wireless Networks' on the right (it might take a few mins while the unit scans for nearby sources)

Step 4: Select off the list the Wifi Network you would like to connect too. 

Step 5: If a password is needed enter it next to Shared Key. If no password is required it will say 'Open'.  Next hit Save.

Note Wifi Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. Be Extremely careful typing the password to avoid issues as the Pepwave will not prompt you if the password is incorrect and you will then need to delete the saved password which is outlined below in a separate step. 

Step 6: The screen will refresh to the list of networks.  Give the unit a min as it connects to the new network. 

Step 7: Change the Priority of the network to Priority 1 if you would like it to be in use, or keep in in a lower priority for failover.

Some public wifi networks have 2.4ghz WiFi and/or 5ghz WiFi.  The 5ghz may offer more speed, but they dont work as well over distance.  Most campgrounds may just offer a 2.4ghz option as it has better distance and should be tried first generally. You can connect both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz at the same time following these instructions but you must connect each WiFi-as-Wan frequency separately using the WAN Priority Sliders shown above. 

Wifi Networks That Require a Splash Page

In some cases, a wifi network may not have a password for the network, but has a splash page that loads when you first connect.  This can be tricky to get to appear and we have written a separate article on that topic located here: Connecting to Public WiFi with Login Screen (Captive Portal)

Requesting Assistance

Be sure to follow the instructions listed in this article if you run into problems. Connecting to Public WiFi with Login Screen (Captive Portal) If you feel you are not getting anywhere or there is another issue you can always reach out to our team directly by initiating a ticket here on the support portal or by emailing

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