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Products Covered

  • All Peplink Devices 

Article Summary

The purpose of this article is to discuss soft and hard reset options for Pepwave devices if the administrator password and/or Incontrol2 access is not available and the user has physical access to the Pepwave device.  

METHOD 1 - InControl2 

Before resorting to the reset button you can try gaining access to the router using Incontrol2. Incontrol2 is the Peplink-hosted cloud access management platform available on all Pepwave products. Incontrol2 may be accessed by visiting and creating a free account, then adding your Peplink device by its serial number.

Incontrol is free on all modems for the first 12 months from purchase. After that you must purchase an extended warranty which includes incontrol access. Contact us for exact pricing.

Incontrol must be enabled on the modem to access it via the cloud. It is enabled by default so unless it was disabled previously it should work. Make sure your modem is online using the WAN or cellular or WIFI as WAN options and then add your serial number to your incontrol2 account. 

Once you have added the device to your InControl2 account, assuming InControl2 is enabled (default) on the device and assuming the device is online it will appear in your InControl2 panel as shown below. The below example shows multiple devices, select your device from the list to enter the device-specific InControl2 panel. 

Once on the device-specific page of the InControl2 dashboard, you will be able to access the device's remote administration console via the settings->Remote Web Admin page. See the screenshot below.

This will open up the unit's administration console. This method will bypass the local security credentials and use incontrol2's secure cloud-based credentials you used to log into the website providing you with secure access to the router. Once you have gained access navigate to your Peplink Dashboard 

1. Navigate to System Tab

2. Click on the Admin Security menu page from the left-hand navigation menu and reset your local password. 

3. Make sure to type the password twice 

4. Click Save

5. Click Apply Changes

Congratulations, you have just reset your local admin password via the incontrol2 cloud management interface. You may now gain access to your router locally using the local IP administration IP (usually

METHOD 2 - Reset Button Method

Gaining Access Via the Factory Reset Button

If you have lost your administrator password and need to reset your modem to regain access it is possible as long as you have physical access to the unit by using the reset button. The rest button is located on most units and is labeled with a reset icon that looks like an arrow in the shape of a circle. See the image below. 

Did you know you can reset your password without factory resetting the device on most Pepwave devices? If at all possible attempt to gain access without using the reset button to avoid accidental deletion of settings. If you have exhausted all other options use the instructions below.

To reset the password on most Max and Balance Series devices (other models may work as well) while retaining your settings follow the following steps. 

  • Power on your device and wait for the status light to remain solid green. 
  • Password Reset Only: While the device is powered on, insert a paperclip into the reset hole shown above and hold the rest button for 5-7 seconds. DO NOT hold the button for more than 10 seconds or you will factory reset the settings on your device as well as the password. Allow the device to reboot and attempt login after you see a solid green status light once again. 
  • Password & Settings Reset: While the device is powered on, insert a paperclip into the reset hole shown above and hold the rest button for 15 seconds. The status light will turn red and eventually go out. Once the light goes out wait 2 minutes for the unit to boot and show a sold green status light. The unit has now been password reset and reset to all factory default settings.


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