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So you are looking for Mobile Internet Solutions and arent sure what to get? We get this question a lot so don't worry.    After helping thousands of customers get better internet in the mobile units, and the information below will help you better understand which unit could be best for you! This post is a bit long, but the goal is to answer your questions, potentially some questions you didn't know you had, so please read along to learn more. 

First, mobile internet is a complex topic and no solution is right for everyone. Unfortunately, that means there are a lot of choices. At we put together bundles of products that check most boxes for 90% of our customers who want fast, reliable mobile internet to help you save time. With that said, there are still a lot of choices and technology you'll need to familiarize yourself with to make an educated and informed decision. For this, we've developed our MMH Insider Membership packages. Through a partnership with the Mobile Internet Resource Center, we are able to not only offer our members great discounts (that usually pay for themselves and then some within the first year) but also give members access to a member community that covers everything mobile internet. Now you may not find that you need the Mobile Internet Resource Center on day one, that's ok, but as you get your system setup and start to have questions about say... data plans for example.. then that is when your membership will really start to help you plus you'll save on your purchase on day-one and then have member benefits going forward for additional discounts or educational content. We encourage customers to start by joining our membership as again, you save on your first purchase, and you have a place to go for information and help as you get further down the journey towards location independence. 

So what internet package is right for you? 

A great place to start is with our bundle as they have everything you need to get started. All of them come with a Pepwave LTE Advanced router that has built-in wifi, and a roof mount antenna which greatly improves the ability to receive service for both LTEA and WiFi. All of our bundles are optimized to work with the data plan offerings, but they will also work with all carrier hotspot plans. 

We have developed a "Which internet bundle is best for me quiz" that is helpful in making your decision - please feel free to take that quiz

Below is information about popular bundles but before you get started we recommend watching a detailed video that walks you through some basics on the internet and the terminology and then explains each of the bundles. Some of our newer bundles are not featured but the names of each bundle remain the same, just with newer versions so the video is still pretty easy to follow. 

Our Full-Timer bundle is very popular and friendlier on the budget. You get a single modem Peplink router that has two sim card slots (only one SIM can be active at a time).  This router will be compatible with all major US carriers. You get the modem, the roof antenna, and the DC power cable in the bundle, which is everything needed to get started with stable reliable internet! This bundle works great with Netflix and streaming and is a top seller for folks that don't need the crazy speed or dual modem features of the other models.who

Our top-selling bundle is the Ultimate Road Warrior bundle which has a dual modem router that can run two hotspot plans at the same time.  Paired with a rooftop antenna, this is our top solution.  We recommend that users who choose this router and want the most stability on their internet connection pair this bundle with at least two data plans.  

A very close runner-up is the Speed Demon 5G bundle.  This is a cat-20 5G single modem router and is among our fastest modems in the lineup.  If you only have one hotspot plan, this is a great option for those who want the fastest speeds. Speed can mean less stability though, so if your looking for rock-solid reliability the latest/greatest may not be the best choice as a dual modem device.

To see our bundles on our website, please go to the following link:

Once you have picked a bundle you just need a data plan. You can see the data plans that we offer at at or you can bring your own from one of the major carriers or a reseller.  Please note though, the plan you are using MUST be a hotspot plan, and not a plan for a phone or a tablet, as plans that are not meant for hotspots may not work properly. 

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