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We get this question a lot.  :)  This post is a bit long, but the goal is to answer your questions before you even have to ask them.   After helping thousands of customers get better internet in the mobile units, and the information below will help you better understand which unit could be best for you!

A great place to start is with our bundle as they have everything you need to get started. All of them come with a pepwave LTE router that has built-in wifi, and a roof mount antenna which greatly improves the ability to receive service for both LTE and WiFi. All of our bundles also work with all carrier hotspot plans. Please note the ship dates on each order as due to COVID and extremely high demand most popular items ship in a few weeks. The estimated dates are listed on each product page.

Below is information about popular bundles but before you get started we recommend watching a detailed video that walks you through some basics on the internet and the terminology and then explains each of the bundles.

Our full-timer bundle is very popular and friendlier on the budget. You get a CAT 6 Pepwave that had two sim card slots (one sim is active at a time) and is compatible with all major US carriers. You get the modem, the roof antenna, and the DC power cable in the bundle, everything needed to get started with stable reliable internet. This bundle works great with Netflix and streaming and is a top seller for folks that don't need the crazy speed or dual modem features of the above models. Here is a link to that bundle: 

Our top selling bundle is the Ultimate Road Warrior bundle which has two cat 12 modems and can run two hotspot plans at the same time.  Paired with a Poynting antenna, this is our top solution but requires two data plans so it isn't for folks who aren't ready to spend money on at least two data plans every month.

A very close runner up would be the Speed Demon bundle.  This is a single cat-18 modem and the fastest modem in the lineup.  If you only have one hotspot plan, this is a great option for those who want the fastest speeds. Speed can mean less stability though so if you're looking for rock-solid reliability the latest/greatest may not be the best choice as other CAT 6/12 modems (like the one listed below) are a little slower but very stable.

From there, one you have picked a bundle you just need a data plan. You can bring your own from your existing hotspot (not a phone plan or tablet plan, has to be for a hotspot) but remember those are often throttled with data caps even if they say they are unlimited. Check the fine print.

Requesting Assistance

If you feel you are not getting anywhere or there is another issue you can always reach out to our team directly by initiating a ticket here on the support portal or by emailing

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